Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SMART Phone make Human DUMB

With all sort of innovative Idea and cool technologies, human life is much easier than our ancestor. With innovative idea, human had developed wired phone into wireless and further develop into multifunction phone.

But human innovation is unlimited, they further develop function for the phone (e.g. application & games). The original main purpose of phone is connecting people from different place and to enhance relationship, but with too much innovative ideas, human tend to switch the main purpose of phone.

Most of the people spent most of time using the apps and games instead communicating with people.

Nowadays, most of the people having their phone or phones on hand for a longer period than their sleeping time and facing the screen for most of the time.

This make people miss out a lot of interesting thing around. So, people actually missing out a lot knowledge from nature.

Technology helps man to save time, if spent time using technology that you don’t know, its wasting of time.

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